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Herbs have many uses and meanings,  from culinary delights in the kitchen, to aromatherapy scents for healing, to medicinal for health to spiritual meanings.  

Every herb has spiritual meanings which have been handed down through the ages. In the past, herbs and plants were an integral part of life and therefore had meaning on all levels.Aromatherapy Bowl with Flowers

 Some of the spiritual meanings have come through different spiritual groups that used herbs in their spiritual practices. The Victorian Age in England took the language of flowers and made it into a wonderful way of saying things with flowers instead of words.

Flower lore is also another avenue for the uses of flowers and herbs in the past. In their spiritual uses, herbs are not used internally but instead used in the bath, in rituals, perhaps just tucking a fresh herb sprig under your pillow. When you rest your head on your pillow at night, just inhale and let the scent take you somewhere within to your spiritual center. What is important here is, the intent that you put into your thoughts while your relax into the language of flowers and herbs.

Spiritual Folklore
Herb of the Month - July 2009

TarragonTarragon's spiritual attributes are integrating new concepts, overcoming obstacles to spiritually understand, for decision making, for emotional balance, for self-image, for fatigue, for unselfish sharing and lasting interest. It is said to increase stamina just by having it near. Tarragon is a warming herb. Be sure to harvest it and use it fresh as it loses its scent quickly when dried.

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