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Just in case you missed any details of our July 12th radio show, here's the facts, info, hints, tips, advice, musings and whatevers! Yep -- we actually talked about ALL this stuff on this show! Don't believe that we could have possibly fit all this info into one tiny show? Listen to the archived  show  Use our quick links to jump to any feature on this page:

Project Ideas of the Week
Guest Interview with Julianna Hudgins
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Trend guru - Jennifer Blevins
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Jennifer BlevinsOur guest trendspotter, Jennifer Blevins from Duncan Enterprises tells us that tie dye is sizzling hot!  Check out Jennifer's trend spot reports at You'lTie-dyel find all sorts of cool information and pictures that will inspire you in your creative expression. As we head toward celebrating the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in August, this trend is making a big splash! Visit Jennifer on her blog at Listen to Jennifer's report! GO>>
Katheryn Tidwell BieberEmbracing your Creative Spirit with Katheryn Tidwell Bieber - unblocking our creative path. Now that's something that we can all use some help with from time to time. Listen to Katheryn's report! GO>>
Rave About Fave

All of our Inspired at Home projects can be found at  We love to rave about Fave!  This is a site that is a center for all things crafting with thousands of free craft projects from craft manufacturers, designers and craft bloggers. Here is our project pick of the week:

Sunflower Copper Garden Stake by Jana EwyMy project pick this week from is the  Sunflower Copper Garden Stake by Jana Ewy. Maybe it's because some little critter ate the tops off of all the sunflower seeds that I planted in my garden that I was attracted to this project!  Made with Amaco Art Emboss in Light Copper, the pretty color variations are created with a heat gun. So, I'm going to plant these critter resistant sunflower garden stakes in my garden!  >>Tiffany  

P.S.  Be sure to check out five great free eBooks at Just sign up at this great site and you can download: Creative Crafting all Year Round: Crafts to Celebrate the Holidays eBook - Inexpensive Home Decor eBook - Cheap and Easy Crafts eBook - Low-Cost Clothing Crafts eBook  and Garden Crafts eBook!
Project Ideas
Recycled Cereal Box TagsThese cute and simple tags come from . Inspired to come up with a project idea for the empty oatmeal boxes she was tossing into the recycle bin, Lorrie transformed the boxes into tags that are cute alone or tied into garlands. Love them! >>Heidi
Lavender CardMy project pick this week is from This Lavender Card  features dried lavender stems on a stamped card that would look really cute framed.  Since lavender is in bloom in most everyone's gardens right now, snip a few sprigs to dry and make a beautiful card for a special occasion.  >>Candace
Bottle Lid Art by Heidi BorchersInspired at Home Blog - Check out this week's posts: 
Bottle Lid Art on Canvas by Heidi, Heidi's Studio - WOW!, and Olive Oil is so good for you!  by Candace.

Did you know? Did you know that early matboard was nothing more than sign board pressed into use for framing artwork? It was simply a board with a wood pulp core and a white paper lining. In its natural state, wood has lignin in it. Early matboard was used primarily to make signs where acidity was not a major concern. But when lignin is subjected to sunlight and humidity over time, acid can pass out of it. It was some time before the impact  of what was happening  was felt because acid burn can take up to 25 years to manifest itself. In the 1980’s manufacturers started neutralizing regular matboard which you will now find labeled as “acid free” or “lignen free”. Source:

Ellison MachineDid you know that as an art teacher in the 1970s, LaDorna Ellison Eichenberg was driven by a passion for creative expression. LaDorna would cut letters and shapes from brightly colored paper to stimulate her students' artistic impulses. However, the process was time-consuming and limiting. Out of her necessity grew a vision, and out of the vision grew invention. In 1977, LaDorna and her husband, Bob Eichenberg, introduced the first hand-operated die-cutting machine - the Ellison® LetterMachine®. For years and years Ellison machines were embraced by educators everywhere, and now they're found around the world, including more than 80% of schools across the United States. Ellison die-cutting equipment has become essential in educators' quest to inspire their students to Sizzix Logoachieve academic success and creative brilliance. In 2001, Ellison introduced their Sizzix machine. Source:
Craft SuperShow
Have you heard about the CHA Craft SuperShow? This is a new consumer show which will be held in Orlando, Florida on Friday and Saturday July 31st and August 1st. This Craft SuperShow will be a place where people can visit with and learn from craft manufacturers, buy products form craft retailers and purchase finished projects from designers and professional crafters. They are also offering a full program of hands-on workshops, make 'n takes and fun events. For more info - GO>>  Fun for the whole family! Click here to learn how you can get $5. off two-day admission!


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